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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


First Mentifex Meme

The above First Mentifex Meme was graciously made by an Anonymous poster on the otherwise unmentionable prog website, populated by each malcontent and Genius of the Internet. Although it is cringeworthily egotistical of Mentifex to ask Netizens to create memes about him, propagating such memes is a way of spreading information about the Mentifex AI Minds that think and reason in English, German, Russian and Latin.

The genius Anonymous also made it possible for other Netizens to create Mentifex memes by using the answered-prayers Mentifex Meme Template:

The first Mentifex meme by the Anonymous prog contributor is actually so excellent that no further Mentifex memes are even necessary. If they appear, they can't possibly be as good as the one shown above. Meanwhile, Netizens of the world are visiting the most hard-core Mentifex AI pages and are perhaps working further on what Mentifex started. Mentifex is counting on the community of Latin and Greek scholars to decide for themselves what is the ultimate value of the Mentifex AI efforts.