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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Mentifex Meme Template

MENTIFEX 2021-07-18
MENTIFEX 2021-07-18

The above photo of Mentifex on 18 July 2021 is presented here as a template for the creation of Mentifex memes. Typically an image used as a meme has one line of text at the top in upper-case Impact font presenting the motif or idea of the meme, and another line of text at the bottom containing the "punch" line. In the particular image shown above, there is room to superimpose text to the left of the face of Mentifex.

Venues for posting memes are the Memes subReddit and Memetics and Memes on the Medium Publishing Platform. Go easy on Mentifex and do not subject him to unwarranted ridicule. Your Mentifex meme may say more about you than about Mentifex. Your meme may win you a booby prize or a Pulitzer prize.