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Sunday, October 31, 2021


Feuertrunken or "drunk with rapture" is how Mentifex listens to the Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. The photo here shows Mentifex wearing his German-flag face mask on 2021-10-08 Friday. Yes, Mentifex is one of those Germanophiles who love everything good about Germany and Austria -- the music (symphonies by Beethoven, waltzes by Strauss, "Wien, Wien, nur du allein" by Sieczyński, "Lippen Schweigen" by Franz Lehár), the language (Hochdeutsch) and its poetry (by Heinrich Heine), the Philosophenweg city Heidelberg, the food like Knackwurst and Bienenstich, the women like Marlene Dietrich and Romy Schneider, the philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Jaspers, and the novelists like Thomas Mann who wrote "Felix Krull" and Hermann Hesse who wrote "Der Steppenwolf" about the non-conformist Harry Haller whom Mentifex impersonates IRL (in real life) by wearing a German face mask.

Mentifex on 8 Otober 2021

Mentifex a.k.a. Harry Haller a.k.a. Felix Krull a.k.a. Berlin Alexanderplatz, having created free open-source AI Minds thinking in German, Russian, English and ancient Latin, takes this Allerheiligenabend opportunity to spread AI memes among the Germanosphere, blogosphere and Chardinian noosphere. So trick-or-treat yourself to a free AI Mind from Mentifex in the language of your choice, or use the Mentifex mind-template to preserve a dying language.