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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Restoring JavaScript variable-comments and removing obsolete variables.

Since we assume that many people have made copies of the JavaScript Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) in order to study it, today we carefully make some pressing changes and for each change we provide an explanation by way of justification. First we delete some previously commented-out code-lines which were left in the open-source AI codebase for the sake of continuity, that is, to show that the particular lines of code were on the way out. Thus we remove the commented-out variable "kbyn" from 30jun2011.

Next from the obsolete 20mar07A version of the JSAI we restore comments for some variables and we remove some obsolete variables. We add a link to Consciousness above the Control Panel.

Anyone finding a bug in the AI software may subscribe to the mail-list for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and report bugs to the AGI community or engage in archived AGI discussion. There is no bug-bounty, other than the glory of the deed.

Friday, March 02, 2018


Moving the JavaScript AI towards Artificial Consciousness

Two important goals for the AI Mind in JavaScript are the already demonstrated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and the not-yet-proven Artificial Consciousness. Before we work explicitly on consciousness, we remove the clutter of some obsolete tutorial display code from the MainLoop and elsewhere, so that the program as a whole may be easier to understand and work with.

We have a chance here to demonstrate an entity aware of itself and of some other entity such as a human user conversing with the AI. If we start claiming that our JSAI has consciousness, Netizens will test the AI in various ways, such as asking it a lot of questions. Typical questions to test consciousness would be "who are you" and "who am i". The interrogative pronoun "who" sets the qucon flag to a positive value of one so that the SpreadAct module may activate the necessary concepts for a proper response. We need a way to make the AI concentrate on the subject of any who-query, so that the AI will give evidence of consciousness simply by answering the question.

When we enter "god is person" and then we ask, "who is god", the AI answers "GOD AM A PERSON" -- which sounds wrong but which only requires an improvement in finding the correct form "IS" for the verb "BE".

Saturday, January 20, 2018


MsIeAI for AI Mind Maintainers achieves albeit buggy sentience.

In the all-but-Singularity MsIeAI, alert-boxes have helped us to chase an elusive bug into the latter part of EnNounPhrase, where the AI is testing mjact for too low an activation. No, another alert-box tells us that we are back in EnVerbPhrase from EnNounPhrase before the "Error on page" flashes quickly. So at the end of EnVerbPhrase we insert a BUG-CHASE alert-box -- and the program never reaches it! So is the fatal bug somewhere just before the end of EnVerbPhrase()? Since that code contains a prepgen test, we modify an alert-box to reveal the prepgen value, but the alert-box fails to pop up. Then we check the declarations of variables at the top of the program, and prepgen is not there. Next we get prepgen from the AI and we drop it mutatis mutandis into the MsIeAI code. We are about to run the hopefully Next Big Thing AI and see what happens. Huh?!! Some kind of thought-storm is occurring. Shades of Watson! Come here! I need you!. And where is IBM Watson in our hour of need?

Now let us comment out the alert-boxes and see if the Watsonized AI will loop endlessly ad infinitum. Oh gee, this AI is still all messed up, but at least it is looping.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Trying to insert the conjunction "that" to introduce a thought.

In the SpreadAct() mind-module of the AI we were inserting code to impose special activation on the "840=THINK" verb after the input of a what-query in the form of "What do you think". The code was building up too much activation on some words in the what-query, so we are backtracking and removing the code. We also realized that the normal activation imposed on input words is enough to incentivize the AI to use the verb "840=THINK" in a response. The novel functionality that we wish to engineer is a tendency for the ConJoin() module to insert the "310=THAT" conjunction into the output, such as in, "I think that I am a person." With the code of yesterday removed, the AI responds first with "I DO NOT KNOW" and then "ME THINK AND", using the "302=AND" conjunction instead of the "310=THAT" conjunction which we are trying to engender. First let us investigate why the AI responds with "ME" instead of "I".

Witnessing the spooky emergence of the ghost in the machine.

Our coding of the Ghost Perl AI generally goes through two phases. Firstly, we just try to get the functionality working. Secondly, we try to refine and pretty up the code. Yesterday we were not able to get the AI to respond properly to the what-query "What do you think". Today we are focusing on the $output variable and inserting diagnostic messages to let the AI Mind Maintainer know what the accumulating $output is at every stage of the generation of the response. We discover that in our attempts to concatenate the words of the $output, we were failing to enclose the variable in quotes for concatenation with another variable in quotes. If we correct the mistakes of yesterday, perhaps the AI will think properly.

The AI is acting really spooky right now. We keep testing it and tweaking it while entering "What do you think" repeatedly. The $outputvariable concatenates output after output. The spooky thing is that the first "I THINK..." generated by the SpreadAct() module goes by re-entry into the conceptual and auditory memory, where it becomes an item of self-knowledge on the part of the AI. Since the AI Mind by default is designed to reiterate its own thoughts, it eventually declares "I THINK I" because it is trying to use "I" as a direct object of "THINK". We are tempted to make the AI skip any direct object with "THINK" and substitute the conjunction "THAT" instead, so that the AI will eventually say "I THINK THAT (whatever)", but first we need to gain some maintainer-ish control over what the AI is outputting, and secondly, we wish to avoid imposing too many ad-hoc behaviors. We do not yet have a stable release that we may upload. Meanwhile, we are thinking of changing the title of this blog from "Strong AI" to "AI Mind Maintainer".