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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Tweaking EnVerbPhrase() for correct responses to who-queries.

We have been adding new material to the SpreadAct() documentation page so as to describe what happens during the processing of an input query in the format of WHO+Verb+Direct-Object. As we try to ensure that the AI generates a grammatically correct response, we change a line of code in the EnVerbPhrase() module to

if ($k[1]==$verbpsi && $i==$verblock) { # 2017-10-24: zero in!
in order to ensure that we obtain the knowledge-base memory that correctly and grammatically answers the input-query. Asking "Who has a child" we get "WOMEN HAVE THE CHILD". Asking "Who makes robots" we get "KIDS MAKE THE ROBOTS". The KB-engram is already grammatical; we do not generate the pre-existing, correct grammar.