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Friday, November 24, 2017


Restoring the ability of AI to answer who-queries.

The AI is an accumulation of various problems. For instance, it has lost the ability properly to answer "Who are you" as an input-query, although it does properly answer "Who am I" with "YOU ARE THE MAGIC". Let us see which most recent version could still answer "Who are you". The last version answering properly was with "I AM THE PERSON".

We notice that the $qv1psi variable was being assigned the proper value of "701' for "I" at the end of the "Who are you" input in, but an inproper value of zero ("0") in the AI. Since the SpreadAct module does not have the correct concept ("701=I") to search for, apparently the correct response is not being found. It also seems that $qv1psi does not matter for the "Who am I" query because of the paucity of knowledge about "707=YOU" in the innate knowledge base (KB). In other words, the AI correctly responds "YOU ARE THE MAGIC" only because it knows nothing else about "707=YOU".

Towards the end of InStantiate, when we arbitrarily fill the $qv1psi variable with the $psi value, the problem with "Who are you" queries seems to be solved, rather inexplicably.