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Friday, October 20, 2017


Troubleshooting problems in responses to who-queries.

In the Perl AI we need to troubleshoot why verbs used in response to who-queries are not using the correct grammatical number in agreement with the subject-noun in the response. First we need to find out whether the num(ber) from a remembered noun is kept track of so that any new engram of the same noun will have the same num(ber). We observe more than one variable used in previous AI Minds to keep track of the num(ber) dealt with in the OldConcept() mind-module, and we try now to standardize on $recnum or "recognized number". The JavaScript AI with version number "27jun15A" has a test in the InStantiate() module to replace $num with $recnum if $recnum is greater than zero, so we might use the same test in the AI. As we debug at length, we notice that the JavaScript AI easily distinguishes the number difference between "MAN" and "MEN" and between "WOMAN" and "WOMEN". We fear that the problem may lie in the AudRecog() module, which is always difficult to debug.

Making AudRecog() wait for end of word to declare recognition.

In AudRecog(), first we need a loop that activates each matching character in a sequence. We want AudRecog() not to declare an $audrec until a following 32=SPACE has come in. Upshot: At first we trying replacing the entire AudRecog() code, until we obtain such positive results that we restore AudRecog() and insert only the code-tweaks which yielded positive results. We also tweak AudMem() slightly for operation co-ordinated with AudRecog().