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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

pmpj0607 uses parameters to think with the correct verb-form.

Today in we work on selecting the correct form of be-verb for a personal pronoun such as "I" for the concept of self or ego. At first in the EnVerbPhase() module we need to determine which parameters are available from the chosen subject to help us select the correct verb-form. We already have $subjpsi available, but its 701=I value is not showing up as the $svo1 value. The $subjnum variable is not being set with the grammatical number of the subject, but we should be able to determine that singular number retroactively if the $subjpsi is 701=I. In the EnNounPhrase() module we insert code so that the selected concept becomes the value filling the $svo1 variable. Towards the end of EnThink(), we zero out the $svo1 to $svo4 values so that they will have been available during the calling of various modules of thought, but will be blank or empty when a new thought begins. Next we need to use the available parameters to steer the EnVerbPhrase() module into selecting the correct be-verb. We have success with "I AM NOT BOY" when we insert code into EnVerbPhrase() to trap for a 701=I $svo1 subject that sets the $subjnum value to a unitary one. Then the parameters of verb, number and person select "AM" as the correct form of the verb "BE".