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Thursday, June 08, 2017


Adding $tru and $mtx to expanded and re-arranged @psy flag-panel.

Starting with we want to implement our first new AI theory work in all the years we have been programming the AI based on the doubly original Theory of Mind -- original (meaning old) within our AI project, and original (meaning novel) outside of our AI project. We introduce a new $tru variable to hold dynamically the truth value of an idea as perceived by the conscious AI Mind. By default, ideas will tend to have a low or zero $tru value so that new code implementing the new theory may sparingly lend credence to ideas important only in the here and now, as the AI is forced to make decisions based on what it currently believes to be true. At the same time, we introduce a machine-translation $mtx transfer variable to let concepts being thought about in one language, such as English, cause the parallel activation of a similar concept in another natural language, such as German or Russian. With these new changes we are trying to create a software in Perl that SysAdmins and other persons may pass around from person to person, from computer to computer, and from website to website.

It would have been easy to simply add the new associative tags at the end of the pre-existing flag-panel for each concept in the Perl @psy array, but we seize the opportunity here not only to add two new elements to each row of the array, but also to re-arrange the order of the associative tags in the conceptual flag-panel so the tutorial presentation makes more sense and is more easily readable as the following sequence of variables

"$tru,$psi,$hlc,$act,$mtx, $jux,$pos,$dba,$num,$mfn, $pre,$iob,$seq,$tkb,$rv";