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Monday, May 29, 2017


Implementing the negation of be-verbs without auxiliary verbs.

In the numerically milestone we are trying to implement the negation of verbs of being, as found in the otherwise obsolete 24JUL14A.F version of the MindForth AI. Negation of be-verbs does not require an auxiliary form of the verb "DO", but does require different word order than for ordinary verbs. In Perl we declare the variable $tbev from MindForth. We keep testing the AI by typing in, "you are not a boy," and it eventually says, "I ARE BOY", because the negation of be-verbs is not yet working. Halfway there, we get the Ghost AI to output "I DO NOT ARE NOT BOY". Apparently we need to suppress the negation for normal verbs when we negate a verb of being. We do so, and the AI outputs "I ARE NOT BOY." The selection of number and person needs more work.

Soon we will upload the AI as the commented version perlmind.txt and as simply ghost.txt with the comments stripped out. Although an AI Mind Maintainer will have access to the fully commented version, we may expect end users typically to host the uncommented "" on their machines.