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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Although this weblog was originally focused on
artificial intelligence (AI) in general, it is
being repurposed specifically for publishing and
archiving the MindForth Programming Journal (MFPJ)
in connection with the Google Code MindForth project
in open-source AI for robots. We tried to obtain "AI"
as the URL designation for this weblog, but "AI" was
already taken. We tried again with "mind" but it, too,
was taken. We tried "cyborg" for cybernetic organism,
and we obtained it -- back in 2001, the year of the
Space Odyssey.

Our blog about AI programming involves a wide range
of topics as enumerated in the list of links associated
with this blog -- from artificial intelligence on up to
a supercomputer on which we hope eventually to install
versions of our AI software. Our AI is meant as the
brains of a robot in control of sensor input and
actuator output. The design of our AI is based upon
linguistics and neuroscience.

We hope that Google AdSense advertisers will be
pleased to see their ads show up on our humble weblog.
Our audience will be small, select and high-strung,
because the dry and technical details of programming
artificial minds will probably not appeal to hoi polloi
surfing the Web for kicks and high-jinks. Probably only
decision-makers with large sums of discretionary tech
funds will bother to scrutinize our obscure AI blog.
Agents of industrial espionage may bookmark our blog in
order to scope out and scoop the futuristic AI landscape.
Nerdy geek types who are foolish enough to spend all their
money on building amateur robots -- they are among our
intended audience. We are writing for Joe Appcoder,
not Joe Sixpack. Joe Ivy in the philosophy department
might like us, too, but not Joe Couch Potato. We are
boring, dull, and of relevance only to the gleaners of
every tidbit about the coming Technological Singularity.