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Friday, August 14, 2009


=== Disclaimer ===

This wiki-page discloses the existence of MindForth Programming Journal
(MFPJ) files and it links to on-line archives of MFPJ files, but it does
not itself contain actual MFPJ entries, for several reasons. Although an
MFPJ entry is part of the ultimate documentation of MindForth AI, it
only documents how MindForth came to be, and not what MindForth is at
its currently most developed state. Any attempt to record MFPJ entries
here at the Google Code MindForth (GC/MF) site would fail to be complete
and comprehensive. The earliest dozen or so volumes of MFPJ notations
exist only on paper and not in electronic or photographic form, and so
only later entries, and not all entries, exist as electronic files.
Some MFPJ entries were originally published on UseNet and other venues.
A goal for this wiki-page is gradually to link to as many MFPJ entries
as can be located and/or organized on-line.

=== Caveat ===

Since pages of the MindForth Programming Journal may or may not be
interesting to AI enthusiasts who wish only to evaluate the AI
Completeness of MindForth and who are not likely to be interested
in every little decision that was taken in the coding of the AI,
these MFPJ entries are organized and listed here for the sake of
providing too much information rather than too little. The MFPJ
files are not blared and trumpeted for people to look at. Rather,
the files rest quietly at diverse locations for perusal by true
AI enthusiasts of True AI. If someone wants to track down the
genesis of a feature in MindForth, these files may shed some light.

=== History ===

The MindForth Programming Journal (MFPJ) began in 1995 as a
handwritten record on paper of the efforts of MentiFex both to
learn the Forth programming language and to port MindRexx AI
into Forth on the Commodore Amiga 1000 computer. After an
initial flurry of activity, MindForth and its MFPJ diary
languished until the start of 1998, when the coding of
MindForth resumed truly in earnest and in response to
challenges encountered by MentiFex in the Inferno of UseNet.
Over the next decade, MFPJ entries were published sporadically
on-line as UseNet posts, usually to announce some advance in
the AI coding. A Google search on "MFPJ" may yield results.

=== Publication as Web Pages ===

For several months in 2008 on a trial basis, MFPJ entries
were published on-line at the following URL locations.

The files listed above as clickable links were created by
alternating between composing lines of AI source code and
documenting the process of coding in the MFPJ HTML file,
which was then uploaded to the Web. When the process of
coding became quite intense, sometimes only scant notes
went into the MFPJ file until satisfactory results were
achieved and recorded as <i>fait accompli</i> developments.
Along the way, it became obvious to the AI coder and
MFPJ diarist that each published page of the Journal was
indistinguishable from what Jorn Barger was the first to
call a weblog -- although he did not earn a dime from
inventing weblogs. Thanks to his efforts, though,
unto MentiFex may accrue some AiFunding if the MFPJ
actually becomes a weblog with advertisements interspersed.
Since each episode of MFPJ writing and MindForth AI coding
culminates in the release of a new version of the AI Mind,
there is plenty of opportunity to include weblog analogs
in the early stages of gathering ideas to commence coding.
All manner of BTW (by the way) links may be inserted into
the brainstorming portions of an MFPJ-as-weblog entry.