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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today at the Ruby library I was working on the
Cyborg weblog and I noticed that "Odna Mona"
was the very first Follower of the weblog.
Thank you for Following a fellow cyborg.

It was strange that I clicked on "Odna Mona"
but it took me to no information about her.
Maybe "Odna Mona" is a new account that has
no profile associated with it.

Yesterday I was intending to set up Google AdSense
on the Cyborg weblog to try to make a trickle of
money from it. I was technologically not able
to complete the process, because the Ruby Internet
cafe and the Ruby library did not accept "cookies."
The AiLab computer with Windows 95 is too obsolete
to even log in to the Cyborg account. So I may
have to try again from the fancy computer of
"Matthews" and his wife "Ballerina."

But maybe I should not even have Google AdSense
on the blog. I have been thinking that maybe I
should just go ahead and publish the blog and
not worry about making money from it.

I am about to start a major, complex campaign in
the AI programming. It involves "self-referential
thought" on the part of the artificial Mind,
that is, the ability of the AI Mind to think
about itself and ask questions about itself.

As it is, the Mentifex AI is barely able to
answer the question, "Who are you?" When it
answers the question, it is primitively engaging
in self-referential thought. It thinks,
"I am (whatever)." It was extremely difficult,
and took decades, not years, for me to bring
the AI to the point of such primitive thought.

But now recently I have been realizing that
the AI Mind needs additional concepts and
English words (what; where; when; why) in
order to broaden and fully develop its
intellectual powers of self-contemplation.

We need to be able to ask the AI the question,
"Where are you?" and have it tell us not only
its location (e.g., "in the computer") but also
our own location (e.g., "out in the world").

We then need to make dialogs possible in which
the robot AI tries to learn every possible fact
about itself.

I have been noticing that there are webpages and
wiki-pages devoted to self-referential AI, and so
I feel that I am about to conquer some important
territory in AI expansion. Unless I am totally
misguided, of course. If I achieve good results,
I want to go to those various wiki-pages and
write up the AI results there. Wish me luck!