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Sunday, September 23, 2018


MindForth AI beeps to request input from any nearby human.

In MindForth we attempt now to update the AudMem and AudRecog mind-modules as we have recently done in the Perl AI and in the tutorial JavaScript AI for Internet Explorer. Each of the three versions of the first working artificial intelligence was having a problem in recognizing both singular and plural English noun-forms after we simplified the Strong AI by using a space stored after each word as an indicator that a word of input or of re-entry had just come to an end.

In AudMem we insert a Forth translation of the Perl code that stores the audpsi concept-number one array-row back before an "S" at the end of a word. MindForth begins to store words like "books" and "students" with a concept-number tagged to both the singular stem and to the plural word. We then clean up the AudRecog code and we fix a problem with nounlock that was interfering with answers to the query of "what do you think".

Next we implement the Imperative module to enable MindForth to sound a beep and to say to any nearby human user: "TEACH ME SOMETHING."