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Friday, September 21, 2018


Improving auditory recognition of singular and plural noun-forms.

The JavaScript Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) is currently able to recognize the word "book" in the singular number but not "books" in the plural number. It is because the AudRecog() mind-module is not recognizing the stem "book" within the inflected word "books". To correct the situation, we must first update the AudMem() module so that it will impose an audpsi tag not only on the final "S" in a plural English noun being stored, but also one space back on the final character or letter of the stem of the noun.

We copy the pertinent code from the AudMem() module in the Perl AI and the JavaScript AI begins to store the stem-tag, but only when the inflected word is recognized so that AudRecog() produces an audpsi recognition-tag.

Now we have a problem because the AI is keeping the audpsi of "800" for "IS" and attaching it mistakenly to the next word being stored by the AudMem() module. We fix the problem.

Next we implement the Imperative() module to enable the AI Mind to order any nearby human user: "TEACH ME SOMETHING."