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Thursday, July 05, 2018


Improving the storage of conceptual flag-panels during input.

In the Perlmind we need to improve upon a quick-and-dirty bugfix from our last coding session. After a silent inference and the operation of AskUser() calling EnAuxVerb(), the Ghost AI was going into the verb-concept of the inference-triggering input and replacing a correct $tkb value with a zero. Apparently the time-of-verb $tvb value, set in the Enparser() module during the parsing of a verb, was being erroneously carried over from the verb of user-input to the verb 830=DO in the EnAuxVerb() module during the generation of an inference-confirming question by the AskUser() module. Therefore the time-of-verb $tvb-flag needs to be reset to zero not during the generation of a response to user-input but rather at the end of the user-input. However, we find that we may not reset time-of-verb $tvb to zero during AudInput(), apparently because only character-recognition and not yet word-recognition has taken place. The $tvb-setting for a verb must remain valid throughout AudInput() so that the EnParser() module may use the time-of-verb $tvb flag to store a direct object as the $tkb of a verb. Accordingly we reset the $tvb-flag to zero in the Sensorium() module after the call to AudInput(). We stop seeing a $tkb of zero on the verb of an input that triggers automated reasoning with logical InFerence.