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Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Keeping AskUser from storing incorrect associative tags.

The version of the Perlmind has a problem after making a logical inference. Instead of getting back to normal thinking, some glitch is causing the AI to say "ANNA BE NOT ANNA".

As we troubleshoot, we notice a problem with the initial, inference-evoking input of "anna is woman". The be-verb is being stored in the psy array with a $tkb of zero instead of the required time-point of where the concept of "WOMAN" is stored. This lack of a $nounlock causes problems later on, which do not warrant their own diagnosis because they are a result of the lacking $nounlock. We need to inspect the code for where the be-verb is being stored in the psy-array, but we are not sure whether the storage is occuring in the InStantiate() module, or in OldConcept(), or in EnParser(). We see that the Ghost AI is trying to store the be-verb in the EnParser() module with the correct tkb, but afterwards a tkb, of zero is showing up. We must check whether InStantiate() is changing what was stored in the EnParser() module.

Meanwhile we notice something strange. An input of "anna is person" gets stored properly with a correct $tkb, but "anna is woman" -- causing an inference -- is stored with a $tkb, of zero. When we enter "anna is robot", causing an inference and the output "DOES ANNA WANT BEEP", there is also a zero $tkb. Upshot: It turns out that the EnAuxVerb() module, called by AskUser() after an inference, was setting a wrong, carried-over value on the time-of-verb $tvb variable, which was then causing InStantiate() to go back to the wrong time-of-verb and set a zero value on the $tkb flag. So we zero out $tvb at the start of EnAuxVerb().