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Friday, May 25, 2018


Preventing wrong grammatical number for a predicate nominative.

In the 25may18A.html version of the JavaScript AI Mind we wish to correct a problem where the AI erroneously says "I AM A ROBOTS". The wrong grammatical number for "ROBOT" results when the AI software is searching backwards through time for the concept of "ROBOT" and finds an engram in the plural number. We hope to fix the problem by requiring that the EnVerbPhrase() module, before fetching the predicate nominative of an intransitive verb of being, shall set the "REQuired NUMber" numreq variable to the same value as the number of the subject of the be-verb, so that the EnNounPhrase() module may find the right concept for the predicate nominative and then also find (or create) the English word of the concept with the proper inflectional ending for the required number. Since the numreq value shall be of service during one pass through the EnNounPhrase() module, we may safely zero out the numreq value at the end of EnNounPhrase().