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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Expanding MindBoot with concepts to demonstrate AI functionality.

Today in the 22may18A.html version of the AI Mind in JavaScript (JSAI) for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), we wish to expand the MindBoot() module with a few English words and concepts necessary for the demonstration of the AI functionality. We first create a concept of "ANNA" as a woman, for two or three reasons. Firstly, we want the JSAI to be able to demonstrate automated reasoning with logical inference, and the MindBoot() sequence already contains the idea or premise that "Women have a child". Having created the Anna-concept, we typed in "anna is a woman" and the AI asked us, "DOES ANNA HAVE CHILD". If the concept of Anna were not yet known to the AI, we might instead get a query of "WHAT IS ANNA". Secondly, we want "Anna" as a name that works equally well in English or in Russian, because we may install the Russian language in the JSAI. In fact, we go beyond the mere concept of "Anna" and we insert the full sentence "ANNA SPEAKS RUSSIAN" into the MindBoot so that the AI knows something about Anna. We create 569=RUSSIAN for the Russian language, so that later we may have 169=RUSSIAN as an adjective. When we type in "you speak russian", eventually the AI outputs "I SPEAK RUSSIAN". A third reason why we install the concept 502=ANNA is for the sake of machine translation, in case we add the Russian language to the JSAI.

Next to the MindBoot() sequence we add "GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE" in order to demonstrate negation of ideas and the use of the truth value, because we may safely assert in the AI Mind the famous Einsteinian claim about God and the universe. We type in "you know god" and the Ai responds "GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE". Let us try "you know anna". The AI responds "ANNA SPEAKS RUSSIAN". Next we add the preposition "ABOUT" to the MindBoot so that we may ask the AI what it thinks about something or what it knows about something. We are trying to create a ruminating AI Mind that somewhat consciously thinks about its own existence and tries to communicate with the outside world.