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Sunday, May 13, 2018


Answering of what-think queries with a compound sentence.

We would like our JavaScript Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) to be able to answer queries in the format of "What do you think?" or "What do you know?" We begin in the InStantiate() module by zeroing out the input of a 781=WHAT concept by adding a line of code borrowed from the AI. Then we input "what do kids make" and the AI correctly answers, "KIDS MAKE ROBOTS". However, when we input "what do you think" or "what do you know", the AI does not respond with "I THINK..." or "I KNOW...". Therefore we need to make use of the Indicative() module to generate a compound sentence to be conjoined with the conjunction "THAT". Into the MindBoot() vocabulary we add an entry for the conjunction 310=THAT.

After much trial and error we have gotten the JSAI to respond to the query "what do you think" with "I THINK THAT I AM A PERSON". We let the English-thinking EnThink() module call the Indicative() module first for a main clause with the conjunction "that" and again to generate a subordinate clause. When we ask, "what do i think", the response is "YOU THINK THAT I AM A PERSON". When we inquire "what does god think", the ignorance of the AI engenders the answer "I THINK THAT GOD THINK" which may or may not be a default resort to the ego-concept of self.