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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Restoring JavaScript variable-comments and removing obsolete variables.

Since we assume that many people have made copies of the JavaScript Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) in order to study it, today we carefully make some pressing changes and for each change we provide an explanation by way of justification. First we delete some previously commented-out code-lines which were left in the open-source AI codebase for the sake of continuity, that is, to show that the particular lines of code were on the way out. Thus we remove the commented-out variable "kbyn" from 30jun2011.

Next from the obsolete 20mar07A version of the JSAI we restore comments for some variables and we remove some obsolete variables. We add a link to Consciousness above the Control Panel.

Anyone finding a bug in the AI software may subscribe to the mail-list for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and report bugs to the AGI community or engage in archived AGI discussion. There is no bug-bounty, other than the glory of the deed.