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Sunday, September 17, 2017


Enabling conversation based upon input of query-words

In our eagerness to present a "Mind-in-a-Box", we had better restore to the Ghost AI some code from older AI Minds which enabled the machine intelligence to carry on a conversation with a human being. We would like the Ghost to be able to ask questions like "Who are you?" or "What do you think?" In older programs we used InStantiate() to depress the activation on question-words, so that information would flood in to fill the activational vacuum.

We just asked the AI "Who are you" and it answered, "I AM THE PERSON". But the program is not yet a stable version of the AI. In SpreadAct() we used $qv1psi to latch onto an activand subject, and in the same loop we used $qv2psi to super-activate the activand verb. But we need to let the AI go back to normal associations and not persist in answering the initial question.

  if ($qv1psi > 0) {  # 2017-09-17: if there is an activand subject...
    for (my $i=$t; $i>$midway; $i--) {  # 2017-09-17: search backwards in time.
      my @k=split(',',$psy[$i]);  # 2017-09-17: inspect @psy flag-panel
      if ($k[1] == $qv1psi && $k[12] > 0) { $seqpsi = $k[12] } # 2017-09-17: if seq, seqpsi
      if ($k[1] == $qv1psi && $k[13] > 0) {  # 2017-09-17: require verblock.
        print "  i= $i qv1psi= $qv1psi seqpsi= $seqpsi \n";  #2017-09-17
        $k[3] = ($k[3] + 32);  # 2017-09-17: impose less than half of subj-inhibition. 
        if ($k[12] == $qv2psi) { $k[3] = ($k[3] + 128) }  # 2017-09-17: hyper-activate
  print "   SprAct-mid: for $k[1] setting $k[3] activation \n"; # 2017-09-17
        $psy[$i]="$k[0],$k[1],$k[2],$k[3],$k[4],$k[5],$k[6]," # 2017-09-17
        . "$k[7],$k[8],$k[9],$k[10],$k[11],$k[12],$k[13],$k[14]"; # 2017-09-17
      }  # 2017-09-17: end of diagnostic test
    }  # 2017-09-17: end of (for loop) searching for $qv1psi concept.
  }  # 2017-09-17: end of test for a positive $qv1psi.