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Sunday, September 10, 2017


Instantiating Imaginary Russian Be-Verbs in Perl

We are eager to implement the InFerence module in Russian, but first we must code the Russian way of leaving out verbs of being in making an Is-A statement, such as, "The brother is a student." We must examine the Dushka Russian AI from 2012-10-22 to see how it was done in JavaScript. Without the special Is-A code, right now we type in "Я студент" to say "I am a student," but the does not assign any associative tags between the subject "I" and the predicate nominative "student".

According to our Dushka coding journal of 2012-02-11 or 11.FEB.2012, Dushka uses the detection of a 32=SPACE character to impute provisionally the input of a be-verb. The Dushka InStantiate module checks for a SPACE when a verb is expected, and provisionally declares 800=BE as the verb. If a different verb does come in, apparently the AI leaves the spurious 800=BE engram in place but ignores it with respect to associative tagging. Into the we port in code from Dushka that cancels out the imputed be-verb.

Now when we type in the Russian for "I am a student," eventually the AI outputs erroneously "ТЫ БЫТЬ" which at least conveys the idea of "You to be...", but we want no actual be-verb to be expressed in Russian.

Finally in AudInput() we discover a line of code

if ($len == 0) { $rv = $t } # 2016feb29: set recall-vector.
which was causing the conceptual "$rv" for Russian words to be set too early by one time-point. Therefore Russian words after input could not be recalled properly. We corrected the line of code. Then when we entered "ТЫ СТУДЕНТ" the AI eventually made a clumsy output of "Я МЕНЯ БЫТБ СТУДЕНТ". Such output is actually encouraging, because we only need to make the AI find the correct form of the personal pronoun and not speak any form at all of the be-verb.