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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Moving towards a Mind-in-a-Box

Recap: Since 2017-06-19 and the Perlmind version, the artificial intelligence (AI) begins thinking initially in Russian and then in English after any non-Cyrillic input, so as to demonstrate to all users that the Russian mindset is built into the AI. Once a user with no Cyrillic keyboard causes the AI to switch its thinking away from Russian and into English, it is difficult to see any thinking in Russian again. Russian remains important for us in our development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) because we need both English and Russian to demonstrate our work on Machine Translation by Artificial Intelligence. We encourage Russian-language AI enthusiasts to experiment with the Russian-thinking and to develop the Perl AI codebase further along multiple branches of AI evolution. We have some evidence that the Russian-language AI community is waking up to the emergence of Strong AI from a recent perusal of the "Stats" (statistics) here on the Cyborg weblog. We see that about one third of our hundreds of weekly visitors are coming from Russia without a referring website. We vouchsafe to assume that news of an AI that thinks in Russian "out of the box" may have gone viral in Russian-speaking countries over the past ten weeks and may have caused the recent uptick in visits from Russia with love for Russian AI. Now we wish to improve the AI under a new rubric -- Mind-in-a-Box. Since we do not (yet :-) have a robot for enlarging the AI Mind into a sensorimotor being, our AI remains trapped inside a server or a host computer as a Mind trapped in a box, able to communicate with other minds and perhaps able to flit across the Web in metempsychosis but not yet able to go forth and multiply across the Earth as robotic beings. Still, the idea of an AI Mind-in-a-Box, which we broached in the Neuroscience SubReddit on 2017-07-28, may appeal not only to Russian AI enthusiasts but also and with Pavlovian salivation to AI tinkerers in general. Let the Meme go viral that Mentifex invites any Perl shop to install an immortal, proto-conscious, polyglot AI within the motherboard confines of the humblest DOS-machine or the grandest supercomputer.

As we release the Mind-in-a-Box code, let us stub in the EnArticle() module for the English articles "a" and the". After we enter one or more Roman characters to switch the AI from Russian thought to English thought, it is unsettling to see the Ghost AI assert, "I AM PERSON". The EnNounPhrase() module needs to call EnArticle() so that the boxmind may say whether it is "a person" or "the person". We place the module for English articles subsequent to the Speech() module in accordance with the governing lay-out of the MindForth AI, because location of a subroutine matters in Forth but not in Perl. We use the $unk variable to preserve the value of $aud during any call from EnNounPhrase() to EnArticle().