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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Attn Autograph Collectors

The AI theoretician and programmer Mentifex invites autograph-collectors to create a market for Mentifex autographs and to speculate in the possible increase in value of hundreds of Mentifex autograph postcards distributed originally with zero value (i.e., free) to American used bookstores and dated with postmarks in the year 2022.

The autograph of Mentifex may become valuable over time because of the double contributions of Mentifex to artificial intelligence: AI theory and AI software.

AI Minds created by Mentifex think and reason in English, German, Russian and ancient Latin.

The purpose of the Mentifex Autograph Postcard campaign was to force the disputed issue of whether or not the Mentifex contributions to AI have any value, which also determines the issue of whether authenticated Mentifex autographs are valuable. Mentifex-bashers may sneer and scoff at Mentifex for various reasons, but savvy autograph collectors will calculate for themselves the potential pay-off not only if Mentifex turns out to have invented True AI, but also on the contrary if Mentifex turns out to have been only a memorable but still collectible netkook.