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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Updating the English Parser documentation page.

Today in the AI we have two objectives. We want to improve upon the new functionality of thinking with English prepositions, and we wish to clean up the code to be displayed in the EnParser documentation page.

When we enter "john writes books for money" and we soon ask the AI "what does john write", we get a reasonably correct answer but we notice some problems with the assignment of associative tags when the answer-statement goes into conceptual memory. As an early step, we zero out the $tpr time-of-preposition tag, after using it as a target time-point, so as to prevent it from being assigned spuriously when other concepts are instantiated. But that step causes other problems, so we undo it. We also notice that old $tpr values are being assigned, when we would rather see up-to-date values, even when both the old value and a new value would be pointing to an instance of the same preposition. As we troubleshoot further, we embed diagnostics to tell us when the $tpr tag is being assigned, and we discover that it is assigned only during user input. When we remove the restriction and let the tag be assigned also during internal thinking, we start seeing the assignment of up-to-date values.