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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


MindForth is the First Working AGI for robot embodiment.

The MindForth AGI needs updating with the new functionality coded into the JavaScript AI Mind, so today we start by adding two innate ideas to the MindBoot sequence. We add "ANNA SPEAKS RUSSIAN" so that the name "Anna" may be used for testing the InFerence mind-module by entering "anna is a woman". Then we add "I NEED A BODY" to encourage AI enthusiasts to work on the embodiment of MindForth in a robot. When we type in "anna is a woman", the AI responds "ANNA SPEAKS THE RUSSIAN", which means that InFerence is not ready in MindForth, and that the EnArticle module is too eager to insert the article "the", so we comment out a call to EnArticle for the time being. Then we proceed to implement the Indicative module as already implemented in the AGI and the JavaScript AI Mind. We also cause the EnVerbPhrase module to call SpreadAct for direct-object nouns, in case the AGI knows enough about the direct object to pursue a chain of thought.