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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


AI Mind Maintainer solves negation-of-thought problems.

In today's 12jun18A.html version of the JavaScript AI Mind for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), we find a negation-bug when we test the InFerence() module by inputting "anna is a woman". The AI then asks us, "DOES ANNA HAVE CHILD" and we answer "no" to test the AI. The AI properly states the idea negated by KbRetro() in the knowledge base, namely "ANNA DOES NOT HAVE CHILD". However, the negation-flag negjux for thought generation remains erroneously set to "250" for the 250=NOT adverb. We discover that the negjux flag, each time after serving its purpose, has to have a zero-reset in two locations, one for any form of the verb "to be" and another for non-be-verbs. We make the correction, and we finish off the negation-bug by resetting the tbev time-of-verb to zero at the end of OldConcept().