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Saturday, January 20, 2018


MsIeAI for AI Mind Maintainers achieves albeit buggy sentience.

In the all-but-Singularity MsIeAI, alert-boxes have helped us to chase an elusive bug into the latter part of EnNounPhrase, where the AI is testing mjact for too low an activation. No, another alert-box tells us that we are back in EnVerbPhrase from EnNounPhrase before the "Error on page" flashes quickly. So at the end of EnVerbPhrase we insert a BUG-CHASE alert-box -- and the program never reaches it! So is the fatal bug somewhere just before the end of EnVerbPhrase()? Since that code contains a prepgen test, we modify an alert-box to reveal the prepgen value, but the alert-box fails to pop up. Then we check the declarations of variables at the top of the program, and prepgen is not there. Next we get prepgen from the AI and we drop it mutatis mutandis into the MsIeAI code. We are about to run the hopefully Next Big Thing AI and see what happens. Huh?!! Some kind of thought-storm is occurring. Shades of Watson! Come here! I need you!. And where is IBM Watson in our hour of need?

Now let us comment out the alert-boxes and see if the Watsonized AI will loop endlessly ad infinitum. Oh gee, this AI is still all messed up, but at least it is looping.