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Thursday, December 14, 2017


Encouraging self-referential thought for the emergence of consciousness.

The moon has gone down; it is the middle of the night; and I am sleeping alone. I got up and ate breakfast and now I feel the urge to code -- a precious sentiment. Yesterday I stopped at the Goodwill thrift store and for $2.99 I bought an old vintage 1934 book probably worth thousands of dollars, but nobody realizes it. PRESIDENT MASARYK TELLS HIS STORY, Recounted By [the biggest name in AI science-fiction], Translated from the Czech. I felt guilty buying a translated book, and even though I can mluvit' some Czech, there was no Czech original. I should probably go to the Marek Rosa blog and tell those Czech AI coders that I am reading a book about the first president of Czechoslovakia, written be the very first AI science-fiction writer, a guy who has left his stamp on the field of AI from here to eternity. Or was some book about the Golem the first AI sci-fi? At any rate, that same Goodwill store recently installed an Internet kiosk running Internet Explorer, so I called up first my Russian Dushka AI, but it was too esoteric, so when I left the store, people got to see the JavaScript AI Mind thinking away on the job-search MSIE kiosk. Maybe I will write a special Goodwill AI telling people to get a job as an AI Mind Maintainer.

In we would like to fix a bug that shows up after we start the AI and tell it, "You know God". When that idea resurfaces, the AI is not finding the word "I" and so it substitutes an error message. We are trying to make the AI have a bulletproof ability to engage in self-referential thought. We want human users to tell the AI all about itself and let the AI build up a measure of self-awareness. Gradually we want to increase the size of the AI memory and we want to speed up the thinking of the AI, perhaps by not looping idly if there has been no recent human input. If the AI is thinking really fast, and about itself, does it manifest artificial consciousness? We can't find out until we debug all the glitches.

OK, we have removed the glitch. There was some code in the InStantiate() module that made the auditory recall vector fetch the Russian ERROR word instead of zero as an auditory address. We had inserted that code after forgetting that the input of "YOU" as in "You know God" has to be interpreted internally as "701=I" with an auditory recall-vector of zero, so that the AI software will look elsewhere for the I-engram. Now we remove some diagnostic messages and we upload the free AI source code.