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Thursday, December 07, 2017


Fixing word-recognition bug and omission of first conjoined idea.

When we run initially without input, no subject-noun is activated, so the EnNounPhrase() module by default activates the "701=I" ego-concept. However, the AudInput module fails to recognize "I" as the first input-word and mistakenly sends "I" into the NewConcept() module. We correct this problem by inserting into the Speech() module a line of code

$pho = " "; AudInput(); # 2017-12-07: prime AudInput with a 32=SPACE
which makes AudInput and OldConcept able to recognize the "I" pronoun.

Then we had a problem where the Perlmind AI was inserting the conjunction "AND" into its thinking but only showing the second idea, the conjoined idea. We bug-fixed by no longer resetting $output to zero in the Sensorium module.