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Monday, June 15, 2015


JavaScript Mind Programming Journal (JMPJ) -- Saturday, June 13, 2015

These notes record the coding of the English tutorial AiMind.html in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE).

Sat.13.JUN.2015 -- Troubles with InFerence in JavaScript

When we run the JavaScript AiMind.html in English and we try to show a Transcript of automated reasoning with logical InFerence, the Strong AI does indeed make an inference, but the dialog with the AI reveals that the AiMind program is failing to use some correct forms of verbs and personal pronouns. The thinking of the AI is correct and logical, but some mistakes are occurring in the expression of logical thought in proper English.

We suspect that grammatical errors are creeping in because the mind-modules related to inference are composing a sentence of thought outside of the normal routines of strictly grammatical English. We may be able to build up the same formalisms of strict grammaticality inside the inferential routines. For correct verb forms, however, we may need to start using the modules of OutBuffer and VerbGen.

Sat.13.JUN.2015 -- Troubleshooting the InFerence process

We notice that the AskUser module of the 14apr13A JSAI simply looks for the "quverb" query-verb to recall and speak, apparently without forcing the verb into the proper grammatical form, which is typically an infinitive form when a question is being asked with "DO" or "DOES" as an auxiliary verb. We should also check the Forth code and see if AskUser in MindForth has anything more advanced. Oh, the Forth code actually does test for a plural form to be used as if it were an infinitive.

The JSAI AskUser module looks for the "quobj" query-object without bothering to ensure that it will be an accusative form. The MindForth AskUser module also does not bother to check for an accusative case in the "quobj" word, so both the JavaScript AI and the MindForth AI need to be improved. The German Forth AI Wotan also seems to need improvement for grammatical forms in the AskUser module.

Mon.15.JUN.2015 -- Selecting Objects in Accusative

Now we have partially fixed the problem of ungrammatical English by inserting code into the AskUser() module to require the direct object or query-object to be in the accusative case. Instead of asking a question like "Does Mark need I?" the AI now asks, "Does Mark need me?"

However, when we answer "no" to the foregoing quesion, the AI eventually gets around to saying, "MARK DOES NOT NEEDS ME", because the AskUser() module is not insisting upon finding an infinitive form of the query-verb.

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