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Saturday, May 21, 2011


The JavaScript artificial intelligence (JSAI) is a clientside AiApp whose natural habitat is a desktop computer, a laptop or a smartphone.

1 Fri.20.MAY.2011 -- Fixing KbTraversal

The more we improve the artificial intelligence in JavaScript (JSAI), the easier it becomes to program. Fewer things go wrong, and fewer problems are hidden from view. Right now we would like to improve the performance of the knowledge-base traversal module KbTraversal, which keeps the process of artificial thought going by activating a series of concepts one at a time. We wonder why certain concepts are not being activated, and we would like to see KbTraversal announce the name of the concept being activated.

2 Sat.21.MAY.2011 -- AI Tutorial for Science Museums

Yesterday, in the 20may11A.html JSAI as uploaded to the Web, we saw KbTraversal announcing which concepts it would activate and then trying to think a thought about them, but we may have cut back too severely on calls to the obsolete version of the PsiDecay module, because the JSAI became less able to think smoothly. We should probably restore the psi-decay calls for the time being, so that we may gradually improve an already functional AI.

After we restored the PsiDecay calls, we worked on the erroneous display of articles as a subject or an object in the AI tutorial mode. Because the SpreadAct module invokes the display of each line of association from a subject to a verb or from a verb to an object, an item will fail to be displayed if it is not being treated by SpreadAct. We made the AI Mind display its associative thinking somewhat better.

Teachers and docents who display the AI Mind in a school or science museum are invited to report back on Usenet or their own website about how human beings reacted to the experience of witnessing an alien Mind think and communicate in natural human language. Is the AI really thinking, or is it just a chatbot pretending to think?

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