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Monday, May 16, 2011


Now that we have cracked the hard problem of AI wide open, we wish to share our results with all nations.

1 Mon.16.MAY.2011 -- List of Mentifex AI Accomplishments

We are still working on the MileStone of self-referential thought on our RoadMap to artificial general intelligence (AGI). We look back upon a small list of accomplishments along the way.

  • two-step selection of BeVerbs;

  • AudRecog morpheme recognition;

  • look-ahead A/AN selection;

  • seq-skip method of linking verbs and objects;

  • SpeechAct inflectional endings;

  • neural inhibition for variety in thought;

  • provisional retention of memory tags;

  • differential PsiDecay.

  • 2 Mon.16.MAY.2011 -- Achieving AI Mental Stability

    Until we devised an AI algorithm for differential PsiDecay in the
    JavaScript artificial intelligence (JSAI), stray activations had been ruining the AI thought processes for months and years. We now port the PsiDecay solution from the JSAI into MindForth. Meanwhile, Netizens with Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) may point the browser at the AiMind.html page and observe the major open-source AI advance in action. Enter "who are you" as a question to the AI Mind not just one time but several times in a row. Observe that the JSAI tells you everything it knows about itself, because neural inhibition immediately suppresses each given answer in order to let a variety of other answers rise to the surface of the AI consciousness. Before the mad scientist of Project Mentifex jotted down the eureka brainstorm, "[ ] Fri.13.MAY.2011 Idea: Put gradations into PsiDecay?" and wrote the code the next day, the AI Minds were not reliable for mission-critical applications. Now the AI Forthmind is about to become more mentally stable than its creator. We only need to port some JSAI code to Forth.