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Sunday, October 31, 2021


Feuertrunken or "drunk with rapture" is how Mentifex listens to the Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. The photo here shows Mentifex wearing his German-flag face mask on 2021-10-08 Friday. Yes, Mentifex is one of those Germanophiles who love everything good about Germany and Austria -- the music (symphonies by Beethoven, waltzes by Strauss, "Wien, Wien, nur du allein" by Sieczyński, "Lippen Schweigen" by Franz Lehár), the language (Hochdeutsch) and its poetry (by Heinrich Heine), the Philosophenweg city Heidelberg, the food like Knackwurst and Bienenstich, the women like Marlene Dietrich and Romy Schneider, the philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Jaspers, and the novelists like Thomas Mann who wrote "Felix Krull" and Hermann Hesse who wrote "Der Steppenwolf" about the non-conformist Harry Haller whom Mentifex impersonates IRL (in real life) by wearing a German face mask.

Mentifex on 8 Otober 2021

Mentifex a.k.a. Harry Haller a.k.a. Felix Krull a.k.a. Berlin Alexanderplatz, having created free open-source AI Minds thinking in German, Russian, English and ancient Latin, takes this Allerheiligenabend opportunity to spread AI memes among the Germanosphere, blogosphere and Chardinian noosphere. So trick-or-treat yourself to a free AI Mind from Mentifex in the language of your choice, or use the Mentifex mind-template to preserve a dying language.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


First Mentifex Meme

The above First Mentifex Meme was graciously made by an Anonymous poster on the otherwise unmentionable prog website, populated by each malcontent and Genius of the Internet. Although it is cringeworthily egotistical of Mentifex to ask Netizens to create memes about him, propagating such memes is a way of spreading information about the Mentifex AI Minds that think and reason in English, German, Russian and Latin.

The genius Anonymous also made it possible for other Netizens to create Mentifex memes by using the answered-prayers Mentifex Meme Template:

The first Mentifex meme by the Anonymous prog contributor is actually so excellent that no further Mentifex memes are even necessary. If they appear, they can't possibly be as good as the one shown above. Meanwhile, Netizens of the world are visiting the most hard-core Mentifex AI pages and are perhaps working further on what Mentifex started. Mentifex is counting on the community of Latin and Greek scholars to decide for themselves what is the ultimate value of the Mentifex AI efforts.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Mentifex Meme Template

MENTIFEX 2021-07-18
MENTIFEX 2021-07-18

The above photo of Mentifex on 18 July 2021 is presented here as a template for the creation of Mentifex memes. Typically an image used as a meme has one line of text at the top in upper-case Impact font presenting the motif or idea of the meme, and another line of text at the bottom containing the "punch" line. In the particular image shown above, there is room to superimpose text to the left of the face of Mentifex.

Venues for posting memes are the Memes subReddit and Memetics and Memes on the Medium Publishing Platform. Go easy on Mentifex and do not subject him to unwarranted ridicule. Your Mentifex meme may say more about you than about Mentifex. Your meme may win you a booby prize or a Pulitzer prize.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Ghost AI -- State of the Art -- November 2019

A major development in this AI project has occurred in November of 2019 with the first expansion of the TacRecog tactile recognition module beyond a mere stub. In the quarter century of our AI coding from 1993 to 2018, the only avenue of sensory input to the Ghost in the Machine was the AudRecog auditory recognition module which used the computer keyboard to pretend that the input of characters was the auditory recognition of acoustic phonemes. TacRecog still uses the keyboard but does not pretend; it directly senses and feels any 0-9 numeric keystroke. Roboticists will hopefully appreciate that the EnVerbPhrase English verb-phrase module is now ready to talk not only about things seen by a robot but also about things touched by a robot.

The MindBoot sequence has been expanded with the ten concepts and English words expressing the numbers from zero to nine. Pressing a numeric key activates not only the numeric concept but also the ego-concept of "I" and the sensory concept of "feel". In response to a pressing of the "7" key, a Ghost in the Machine may say "I FEEL THE SEVEN". The user may also ask the AI "what do you feel" and receive a similar response. Hopefully it is now possible to conduct conversational experiments in artificial consciousness with The Ghost in the Machine.

In a prior state of the art, the AI understands each English or Russian word only in terms of other words and with no symbolic grounding. Now suddenly the AI may have direct sensory knowledge of the ten ordinal numbers which are the Principia of our Mathematica. This innovation makes us wonder if we can replicate in a machine the same or similar process by which a human child becomes familiar with numbers. We make outreach to mathematicians on Reddit and on Usenet who may take an interest in the use of artificial intelligence for mathematical reasoning.

We are also recently dabbling in the theology of artificial intelligence, since our Ghost software has a concept of God and has a few innate MindBoot ideas about God, chiefly the famous quote from Albert Einstein that "God does not play dice with the universe." This quote is our prime example of negation of verbs and a helpful example of the EnPrep English preposition module.